Forget the football, it's much bigger than that.


  It’s not just about football, Gareth Southgate and the England team have grown over the last few weeks into national heroes. For some, they started the tournament as “average Premiership footballers” (if that’s possible!) unknown even to many football fans. Now they are being offered up role models, restoring national pride and inspiring a generation. So what has changed?

  Years of “superstars” and the “golden generation” of Rooney, Gerrard and Lampard have been replaced with a more balanced squad. Replace celebrity, cliques and expectation with expression, equality and freedom, and the emergence of new icons like Pickford, Trippier and the superhero Harry Maguire have a refreshing openness and almost innocence to them.  


  A new style of leadership has been the catalyst for this transformation, and Gareth Southgate has rightly been lauded from all directions for the role he has played. His desire to build trust and relationships within the squad, to cut through any differences and emphasise the common purpose to form a truly united team has been all important in this transition.

  So, how does this translate to the rest of us?......because let’s face it a huge majority have been captivated and enchanted by this team in these last few weeks. The truth is, the “Gareth Southgate” style leadership is one that can be successful in all areas of life – business, schools, family.

  It’s not just in sport or business that we have leaders, we can all learn lessons, we can all benefit from forward thinking, being open minded and honest with those around us. Now more than ever, there is a need for inspirational leaders throughout the country, CEOs, line managers, school teachers, mums, dads, students……everyone can be a truly inspiring leader to those around them. Maybe there is a legacy from this World Cup that could go way beyond football. How much can we achieve if we learn from this experience and adopt a little of the Three Lions 2018 mentality?   

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