Apparently, Monday 15th January is going to be awful!

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Does “Blue Monday” actually exist?.....if you believe it!

  The concept of a date in the calendar being marked down as the most depressing day of the year is understandably frowned upon by many involved in mental health. There may be no substance in the “mathematical formula” used to arrive at Blue Monday but we will still see it across multiple media channels over the next week or so.                                                              How about we just stick two fingers up to Blue Monday?!

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  I won’t delve into the arguments for and against Blue Monday itself, but it does highlight an important issue at this time of year. Even if you have had a wonderful festive season, January can bring you back down to earth very quickly!

  Christmas and New Year can be a very tough time for many people. We are bombarded with idyllic festive images of happy families, strong friendships, love all around us, bright new beginnings, and "Happy New Years" everywhere.  For many this isn’t their reality.

  Have you had a difficult time over Christmas? Was your new year unhappy? Are you simply filled with dread and fear at the thought of the whole year stretched out in front of you?                       It doesn’t have to be that way…….now is the time to reach out.

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