I'm something different to everybody.

I'm a coach, a therapist, a futures trader, 

a friend, a husband, a father

........what can I be to you?



I am in-house Life Coach and therapist at Gym and Tonic members club and N20 Beauty and Skincare Spa and a member of the Association for Coaching.

I will guide you, to be successful in your work life, make you aware of your potential, and to be happy in your personal life. I'm here to remind you of the importance of your work/life balance and how getting that right can benefit you exponentially in both areas.

I will instill confidence in you, help you feel happier, freer, more in control and relaxed.

If you have fears, lack of confidence, low self esteem or limiting beliefs that are holding you back, I will help you to eradicate them and allow you to free yourself to move forward and succeed in whatever field you desire.

I had a 23 year career trading Financial Futures which has taken me from the crazy world of the open outcry trading floor through screen trading, via the formation of my own company and graduate training programme.

Trading my own account throughout my career has given me a unique insight into the trading world and the relentless quest to win the psychological battle.


Sports have always been a passion of mine and while I enjoy playing and competing in a wide variety of activities, football is my favourite and my speciality! I enjoyed a 13 year career as a semi-professional and still play and compete today. The highlight has been representing GB in World Maccabiah Games 5 times over a 16 year period.

Trading and football have both given me the opportunity to experience coaching and mentoring over the years and developed my passion to make helping people my career.

After many years of work in the world of trading I realised there is more to life than a 14 hour work day. I wanted to explore what makes me happy, and I wanted to help others in that search......and I'm here to help you!