How To Overcome Lack Of Focus

How To Overcome Lack Of Focus And Get Beyond The Problems It Can Create

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Let Me Ask You!

Do you feel stuck in a rut?

Do you feel like you have no options?

Do you ever feel there must be a simple answer out there……but you just don’t know what it is?

Do you ever wonder what’s it all about?

How debilitating - not knowing answers to the most basic questions……every single day!

  “What do you want?”……..

  “What makes you happy?”……..

  “What will life be like for you when you learn how to overcome lack of focus which will help you to actually deliver what you want?


  The single most popular answer to these questions is “I don’t know”, because most of us don’t know what we are looking for. This creates a huge problem – not knowing what you want leads to procrastination, uncertainty and ultimately inaction. Now, you may think it’s not a good idea to make knee jerk decisions or go crashing into new projects without thinking them through……and you would be right! But if you are making decisions and taking action on new ideas you have a lot more chances of making a success of them than if you were doing nothing!

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear…… action breeds confidence and courage” 

~ Dale Carnegie ~

Interestingly, people do tend to know what they want, but are scared of the consequences of going after it, usually a fear of rejection or failure……or in some cases, even a fear of success! So then we have the other common trait amongst us human beings – we lie…….to ourselves and to others, to convince ourselves that we don’t know what we want!

 Clearly, if you don’t know what it is that you want, or where you want to go then it is very difficult to get there! It doesn’t matter how good your Sat Nav is, if you don’t have an address to type in it won’t guide you to your destination!

 That is why having a focus and setting goals, clearly defined goals, is so important. These goals need to be realistic, measureable, and fit in with your own life. Even when you are setting goals, it’s vital that you know what you want to achieve? Tangible, meaningful goals give us clear guidelines as to what constitutes success in the context of our goal and allows us the opportunity to measure and plan progress.

Is Your Focus Creating The Success You Want?


  Your goal may be to lose 3lbs by a certain date, or increase number of clients to X per month, or buy yourself the car you have always wanted. Those visible or material goals are great, but what will they mean to you? Are they going to increase your self-esteem, make you feel confident, make you feel happy? If that is the case - and it may well be – then how long will that last? The reality is that when they are provided by external factors like other people, cars or money, it probably won’t last long! 

  Positive and powerful emotions – such as love, confidence, security, these are the goals we desire, and they are only possible in the long run when they come from within ourselves. What feelings are you really looking for? What do you really want?! This is the basis of meaningful goals.

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