A Special October Offer to make you smile!

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  "What is it exactly that you do Dan?"......a question that I am often asked!

  The answer is different all the time - my work is different for everyone and my challenge is to understand the requirements of each person, whatever age, gender, background or life story. When you sit down with me you may have an idea of why you have come, but there is so much more that you can achieve with me than that for which you came! 

  Find out how I can help you make positive change in your life, contact me here on my website, Twitter, LinkedIn or my Facebook page and book a consultation with me......we can do this via phone or Skype if you prefer.

  Throughout the month of October there is NO CHARGE for your first consultation.

  Take a leap of faith.......and find out what I can do for you!

   Have a great day!