Time to be a little selfish..........?!

  When working with corporate clients, particularly with managers and their ability to lead their teams, I often refer to "Me, Us and It" (***) whereby it's important to look at how the interaction between Me (you), Us (your team) and It (product/service delivered) is best optimised. The concept is simply about how one engages one's team to deliver the end product or service, the one "thing" that your business depends on.

  In the business world, it often requires a change of mindset for clients to realise and understand that the first step to improving performance in the marketplace is to get "Me" right, and once you have that, you are then able to manage the rest far better.......the "Us" and finally the "It".

  The business world has learnt over the years to use coaching to help identify deficiencies in performance, improve awareness of methods to increase productivity and ultimately make positive changes in the work environment.

  We are perhaps not so quick however, to analyse our personal life and look at ways in which we can improve ourselves and consequently, the precious world around us. If we look at the "Me, Us, It" idea, this can be applied in our personal life to make positive change on a daily basis that can benefit us, our family, and even close circle of friends and extended family.

   The "Me" refers to you, the "Us" refers to your close knit group of people who you interact with personally on a daily basis. For many that will be close family, perhaps a partner and children, and for others that may be a partner or it may be parents, close friends who live together, students who live away from home with their peers, or maybe those people who work abroad and spend long periods away from home. Whatever your individual situation, you have a group of people who you have a personal interaction with from day to day.

  This is similar to the business model so far, but the "It" differs in that in our personal life we are not creating a product or providing a service as our final goal.

   What are we looking for then? The detail is different for every individual, but broadly speaking most of us are looking to achieve a harmonious environment in which we can be happy and healthy, we will probably want a level of love and support, and at the same time need some space to enjoy the little things that are important to us such as exercise and hobbies.

  Ironically, the first step to achieving this well-balanced lifestyle is to be selfish and concentrate on yourself! When you are taken through the safety instructions before take off on a plane, what is the first thing they tell you about the oxygen masks?.......before you look after anyone else, including young children, secure your own mask. You are not going to be able to help anyone unless you are strong and breathing clean oxygen yourself. 

  Many of us don't tend to focus on the "Me" enough. If you think about yourself first, pay attention to what you want, what makes you happy and content, you will be in a much stronger position to engage with those around you and create the harmonious environment that we all crave in our daily lives.

  So, take a step back, assess your life, your surroundings. Do you smile enough? laugh? love? Do you have someone to help in identifying what makes you a happier you?

  It could be the simple things that you are missing like a walk in the fresh air, sunshine (not so easy here in the UK!) or just finding the time to enjoy that hobby that you have enjoyed since you were a child. Whatever it is, if you spend some time on you first (“Me”), then you are better equipped to engage with those around you (“Us”) and deliver a more harmonious world for everyone (“It”).


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(***) with thanks to Elliot at All-round Leadership