Pick your battles

     For all the perceived success with the modern mindset of chasing the dream, working all the hours, depriving ourselves of down time, pushing hard and striving to reach the next level, the next goal, sometimes we can benefit from stepping back and seeing the "big picture".......sometimes we just need a different perspective.

    I have a saying regarding my 3 kids, "pick your battles". It's often worth giving in on relatively minor issues with a 5 year old. Not only do they feel satisfied at having "won" in a particular situation, it also allows you to concentrate on successfully negotiating more important "battles".

     This can apply to our own dilemmas. By letting go of some of our own internal conflicts, and giving up ground in certain areas, we then create space in the vacuum that will allow us to change our perspective and ultimately grow.

     My old world of trading may not be a physical fight (not since the days of pit trading anyway!), but mentally and emotionally it is, and it is all-consuming. In all the years that I have considered other ideas, other businesses, it wasn't until I made the decision to cut ties with trading that I have been able to dedicate my energy - my positive energy - into something I am passionate about.

     I am not suggesting we all need to give up our careers, but we often have conflicts that tie us in knots internally and are obstacles for us moving forward, if we could let go of those conflicts we would be far better off. Fighting, whether physically, emotionally or mentally, is draining, and if we eliminate those negative elements we can free up huge resources of energy to be used in far more positive ways. 


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