It felt appropriate to make my first blog about change considering I made the decision to “trade in” a career trading financial markets for a new career providing coaching & therapy....a pretty big leap you might think.

    Evolution has programmed us to be cautious about change, but it doesn't need to be quite so drastic as changing career, and for some a small or subtle change can make all the difference to our state of mind and provide a boost to our confidence and our energy, to revitalise us.

    Redecorating, de-cluttering, buying a new pair of shoes or item of clothing, even as simple as having a shave after you’ve let that stubble grow a little longer than usual......they can all have a refreshing effect that can brighten your mood, clear your mind and re-energise.

    Take a look around you, I'm sure there's something you have that you think, "hmmm, I've been meaning to get rid of that" or "I've wanted to change that for so long".
    … do it!

    See how good it feels....!


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