Anxiety?...........doesn't affect me!

The first thing to understand about anxiety is that we all experience it in some form, at some time, and the trigger for it can be anything from the simplest of events to the most complex. The severity of the anxiety, the regularity of it and the effect it has on us is where we differ.

    Physical symptoms can include heart palpitations, trembling or shaking, sweating, dizziness, surges of overwhelming panic. It becomes all you can think about and prevents normal functioning of every day life.

    But it's important to remember that anxiety is not real. It occurs when we feel nervous or worry about an event or situation in the future. And that is the key - the future, therefore that event or situation hasn't happened yet. It is thought driven, one's perception of that future event, and created by that person's mind. We can become so focused on the negative that it is all we can think about.

     Therefore, it's important to make a choice. You can choose how you feel, you can take control of your thoughts, it's you who chooses to focus on those negative thoughts.....and it's you who ultimately has the choice to change that focus to a more positive outcome. 

   You may be reading this thinking this isn't relevant to me, I don't suffer from anxiety. But maybe you know someone that does......and maybe you can do something to help!

  For those suffering from anxiety, it is often the little things that help bring you out of your anxious bubble and into the real world. A coffee with a friend or simply a hug, can reassure you that you're not on your own. You would have created a catastrophic scenario in your head, maybe a chat with someone else to appreciate another perspective can make all the difference - better still allow you to redesign your own perspective..........

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